Monday, November 9, 2009


Halloween was a fun week around here. Hunter was so happy to have Chloe here with Gaga and Papa to show him what to do and how much fun it is to dress up and get lots of candy. Thursday, Chloe went with Hunter and I to his music class while Gaga and our friend LeAnn decorated my car for the preschool's trunk or treat. Chloe really enjoyed music class and fit in like an old shoe. She is a great singer, participant, and now a great dancer thanks to her new dance classes~!

Chloe was brave enough to take candy from this scary little man! Afterall, no one really messes with spiderman...spiderwoman!

Hunter wouldn't get anywhere near that man and opted to take candy form the friendly looking ghost from the next car!
Okay, so Hunter FINALLY let me put on his Halloween costume, a spider, which he picked out. He refused to wear his hat and insited that at least one of his pant legs be pulled up at all times. Maybe he is in some sort of preschool gang and doesn't want me in on it! He had a great time and really enjoyed saying trick or treat, which kind of came out sounding like treat treat!
Creative car next to us.

My car decorated by Gaga. I think it looked really good!

Our spider and spider woman done trunk or treating and getting ready to go party! I think they ate themselves into a candy coma that day. Just a really cute picture too.

Classroom party!

Hunter's favorite part of the party. The cupcakes, or should I say just the icing. I know he wishes he could have cake everyday for lunch.

Carving pumpkins and trying to get a good picture!

Chloe's pumpkin!

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