Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Fun

Chloe up on stage for the last of "Hot Cars, Hot Nights" in PM. She was chosen to help with drawings for the night. She did a great job and enjoyed being in the spotlight.
Hunter, Chloe, and Gaga dancing to the beach music band. I couldn't get a good picture because they were dancing so fast and I was laughing so hard. Hunter was hilarious. He had just gotten a new pair of shoes that light up when you walk. It was dark out for the concert so he kept dancing around and looking down at his shoes. It was so funny! I was so proud of him for dancing along with everyone.
Looking at all the cars. Hunter also had a balloon, but he loves to pop them as soon as he gets them.
Chloe and her new bike. Just a tad too big, but she rides is like a champion!

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