Monday, November 9, 2009

More Halloween Fun!

We all know that David can not ever sit down and eat a meal, instead he wanders aimlessly around and just munches on stuff. You can see from this picture that David forgot to put the top back over the cake plate and Hunter was quick to realize that was to his advantage. Notice the chunks of cake missing. Our conversation went something like this:
David: (laughing) Look at Hunter
Me: Did he take the top off?
David: No, I forgot to put it back on.
Hunter: I like it.
Me: I bet you do! I think you have had enough!

Just finished carving our Halloween pumpkin.
"Reach in and pull out the seeds Hunter." Eeeewwh yucky, he laughs.

Halloween party at the Pillion's house. This was so much fun. All the kids dressed up, we had dinner, kids played and then we all went trick or treating in their neighborhood. Hunter was not into this at all. As you all know, he is so shy and there were so many people here. Some he knew and some he didn't. To make a long story short, Chloe had a blast and made lots of new friends. Hunter refused to wear his costume and didn't want us to put him down until we were more than half way through with trick or treating. He eventually got the hang of it thanks to his buddy Chloe.

David trying to help Hunter, he finally walked up to the house by himself and said trick or treat. Eventually, with Chloe's assistance he walked without a parental escort. Maybe next year will be a little better for him.
Playing at the Halloween party.

Chloe showing him how it is done. She had already been to these houses once, but she was sweet enough to go back and help Hunter.

I think she is telling Hunter to, "run!" We had to remind her that he can't run as fast as she can just yet.
Now she is telling that nice lady where to put Hunter's candy. I think Hunter must be so thankful to have her around as an interpreter!
All done and ready to go home! I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! and we want to give a special thanks to Miss Chloe for being such a big helper for Hunter this year.

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