Monday, September 28, 2009

Reunion weekend!

Just a really pretty picture of the Creeper Trail from my friend April.
Last night together! So sad to see everyone go.
Amanda, Hunter and I relaxing while we wait for the boat to get going!
Gianna and her daughter, Anna Rose, or Rose. She is 2.5 and Hunter thought she was the greatest! She was the sweetest little girl with a rock star personality!
Kathy and her son Tyler. He was 15 months old and had fun chasing around the 2 year olds.
Picnic in Damascus.
Adult section of the picnic!
Hunter and his new BFF, Rose.
They played and played...
April took a picture of the tree house about 1/2 mile from our access to the Creeper. I think I posted a pic of this before, but here's another if I did!
Creeper Trial bike ride. We all rode from the trial head in Abingdon to our access point in our neighborhood. It was about 7 miles. Tyler and Hunter even enjoyed the trailer ride...well up until the last 10 minutes!
First day together, we had lunch at the Martha Washington Inn.

What a wonderful weekend we had with all my college buddies! When we graduated from UNCW we all vowed that we would stay in touch and try to have a reunion weekend every year. Well, we have done a pretty good job of staying in touch but....we let too much time pass before we all got together again. We did really good having get togethers up until we started getting married, having children, moving all over the country and officially starting adult careers. We all haven't been together since my wedding, which was over 4 years ago. This is way too long to go without seeing some of your closest friends! We had lots of fun and thankfully the weather was beautiful. It was nice and warm during the day with cool, chilly nights.

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