Wednesday, September 23, 2009


These went a little faster than I thought they would, but Hunter really liked riding them!
I don't know why they chose the chicken!
The first ride of the evening. "Jeep, jeep!"
Yes, I know you all hear it. David: "I sure would like to have one of these." Me: "Are you kidding me, you need to sell the vette."
David did let Hunter sit on it first.
Loved it.
This one too.
This was his favorite. He kept going back to it and saying, "big, big!"

Hunter really, really likes to ride on things. The tractor, the car, his ride on toys, his tricycles...anything that moves Hunter wants on it. He will even ask, "mommy, ride it..peas?" So when I saw the Washington county fair was coming to town I just knew we had to go. I figured it would be really small, but when your 2 and you never get to ride on rides I knew Hunter would have a ball. So off we went to the big fair in the country. I just have to mention that the parking was in a huge cow pasture and they even had extra spaces set aside for 'all terrain vehicles'...yes I guess folks just rode their four wheelers to the fair! Anyway, I knew there would be some smaller rides for him to ride but I had no idea there would be a HUGE tractor display. They had every kind of farm equipment piece of machinery you could ever want and better yet you could sit on them. You guessed it, for about one hour all we did was let Hunter climb on one tractor to the next. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore tractor stimulation the new Spider motorcycle vendors showed up so David and Hunter moved on from the tractors to the motorcycles.
Hunter also enjoyed the rides. There were only a few that he could ride but he had fun. We went on a Wednesday night so there were not many people there and so he was the only one on a couple of them. It was nice because we didn't have to wait in any lines, but I think Hunter would have preferred to have some company.
In other big news at the fair, Hunter actually petted a baby cow! David and I were in a state of shock. While waiting for the rides to open we visited the stockyard expedition. We weren't real sure if Hunter would be in to this (we were having flashbacks of the zoo) but he really liked looking at the animals. Not touching them or even trying to touch the cages, but he did look at them and he wasn't clinging to my neck. He was walking around like a big boy. We all had a fun time at the fair. There isn't much to say about this fair but the best part is that Hunter loved it!

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