Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to shcool!

Hunter on his first day of school--2009.

Hunter's fist day of school last year. Where did the year go? He still looks like a baby.

Hunter has started back to school for the fall and it has been great. I love the extra time in the mornings and he loves playing and seeing all his ole buddies again. He has 2 new teachers, Ms. Deb and Ms. Tiffany and lots of new little friends. I am especially happy to see more boys this year in his class. Last year he was the only boy out of 5! I took his diaper bag the first day and very quickly realized that he was too big for a baby bag, he needed a back pack. Ms. Deb politely said on day one, "Mrs. Simmons please leave that big thing at home and bring that boy something he can hang on the hook outside the door". So now he has his own little back pack where he stows some cars in case he gets homesick...I guess and off we go. It is really cute and I will have to get a picture of him carrying it. They do all kinds of fun things and last week the theme was 'all about me' so they had to have a picture of their family and they made hand and foot prints. This week must be about trucks because he colored a picture of a garbage truck and very proudly showed it to David and I this evening. Of course, for those of you that really know Hunter, the one color he used the most to color the truck---ORANGE. He is crazy over the color orange. We went shopping the other day for some desperately needed big boy clothes and I bought everything orange I could find. We are working on our colors and he is getting really good at it. He knows orange, blue, and pink (thanks to Chloe). It is hit or miss with red and green. He is also trying to count. So far we have made it to 2..I know baby steps right! Sometimes I can get 1,2,3 out of him but that is hit or miss too!

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