Monday, October 5, 2015

Winter stuff....

 This is how I dress for a run on the Creeper Trail!  The winters are long and I have to get outside.  It is HARD to run in the snow, especially deep snow but it is so beautiful and so peaceful and so worth the effort.  #blessedrunninggirl

 If you look closely I think Kona is sitting at the top of the hill waiting for the kids to return.

 Our backyard has epic sledding!  Lots of kids all the time!  Lots of fun on the cold, no school, SNOW DAYS!

Very pretty and quiet as it falls softly.

 Until you have 18 inches and you are ready for it to STOP!
 Our snow barricade.  Thanks for the pile up in front of the driveway.  Good think we have some massive four wheel drive vehicles.

Poor Kona and Ibis had a hard time getting around when the snow was at its deepest.

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