Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mayfest 2015 and Random funny boys

Mayfest rides that seem fun at first but end up making you feel like you need to puke!

Fun times with these little cuties.

Lucas in K-Mart doing what he does best...begging.

This may be one of my all time favorite photos of Hunter!  He is such a sweet, tender hearted, loving and simply wonderful in all ways little boy!  He gets dressed before he comes down the stairs in the morning, and as you can see, he picks out his clothes.  I'm trying to recall why he chose these clothes and not gym shorts and a tee shirt.  I think he was going to play a few holes of golf with David and he knew he needed to wear a collared shirt.  He had just lost a tooth so he let me snap a picture of him and his newly lost tooth!  Sorry buddy, when or if, you go back and read this, mommy really wanted to capture the moment of you in your wonderfully put together outfit.  I love you so much!

(ps.  We did have a discussion on trying to coordinate and match.  And no, we didn't let him golf in this outfit!)

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