Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Easter 2015

I am so happy the boys still like to dye eggs.  They don't do it as long as they used to, but they still enjoy making all kinds of creations with the eggs.
Lucas can't keep his hand off of them.  He has a hard time leaving them in one cup to darken the color.  He is constantly taking them in and out it drives me crazy.  At first his eggs were super pastel, had no color at all or were a murky shade of brown/grey/green.

Easter egg hunt with Mrs. Welker's class.  This little boy is always so thoughtful.  He gave Lucas some of the eggs he found and he made sure his classmates all had as many as he did.

Lucas made this little "chicken on a nest." Looking at this again makes me giggle.
Last Sinking Springs Easter egg hunt!  On your mark, get set, GO!!  Thanks to all the great families at this little school who provided 100s of goody filled eggs!

And Larkin finds an accessory with anything.
Lucas is ready, front and center.

Go!  Run children!  The eggs may disappear before you even see them!
Sweet Hunter was around for the big hunt.  Sullins was out on Spring break.  He enjoyed himself and was so sweet helping the younger kids find eggs.

Basket filling and egg searching is almost complete
Last preschool Easter Party.

Chloe's here so lets dye eggs again!

These are some random pictures of the massive Easter Egg hunt we had in the backyard on Easter morning.  I think mom, dad and I hid close to 300 eggs!  Each egg was filled with some sort of surprise, whether it be money, candy or small toy.  The kids were flying around the backyard looking for eggs.  This was a really fun event for them and it lasted about an hour!
Lucas trying to keep Kona out of his candy basket!
Papa and Gaga watching from above.

Sorting through the loot and feeling extra blessed for the beautiful day and for all the reasons to celebrate Easter.

Easter Bunny came and brought some great magic tricks!

After the hunt we went as a family to the Clubhouse for Easter brunch.

The Easter bunny came to visit the kids and they were able to participate in another egg hunt!
And decorate their own Easter egg cookie, and take home a chocolate Easter bunny.  By the end of this day the three kids had enough candy and goodies to last through the rest of the year.

Thank you GCC for making this an extra special time for us.  We really appreciated all the extra touches you provided for the kids!

Later that day we made bunny houses from the little bunnies they received from Gaga and Papa.

Meet Dream, the name Lucas gave his little bunny!

Thankful for this wonderful holiday with all the people I love so much!

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