Monday, January 14, 2013

Soccer, Otis and Cheerleading..oh My!

 Hunter played soccer this summer for the first time and we all had a blast.  We had a super star coach and a great little team, the 'Fireballs.'  You have to appreciate that Hunter is the shy, reserved type and is not really into aggressive runs with ball, (I don't see football in his future, Lucas on the other hand may be a different story) yet he was a great soccer player and enjoyed his time on the field during games and at practice. He is a fast runner and caught on to the rules and goals of the game quickly.  We were very proud of him for working hard, listening to his coach and cooperation with team play.  The funniest thing is the one game we had to miss for a wedding was the game Hunter scored 5 goals!  It was unbelievable!!  I was getting one text after another from parents..."Hunter just scored, oh goodness he scored again and I am not kidding he just scored another goal!"  We were so proud and excited for him and so glad my parents were there to share the experience but David and I were devastated not to be there and see it.  And would you know that little stinker never scored another goal the rest of the season!!
 Proud little man with his first soccer medal!  End of season celebrations are the best!
Hello Otis, welcome to life among the Simmons and the Hunters.  Be brave and patient with these other old dogs!
 Lucas and Hunter love, love that little day we will get another one.  My heart is still heavy missing Abby.
The cutest cheerleader ever. Period. 

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