Monday, January 14, 2013

The fair part two, including Lucas!!!

This was trip number two to the fair for Hunter and I.  We had fun with the Turner girls and Dawson boys.  Lucas was all over the fair and might grow up to be a carney!  The rides were open for this trip (oh boy!) so we rode rides and petted animals and made all kinds of fair mischief until David couldn't take one more minute!!! (you can insert a sigh here when he reads this)  Then we completed the fun afternoon with a nice dinner out.

Hunter and sweet Emerson daydreaming on the Polaris.

Lucas playing at the Marble run.  This was such a creative idea!!  They put together a slide and obstacle of sorts for marbles.  The kids loved playing with this as much as riding the rides.  I wonder if I could craft something like this up at home!
 I must have told him a 1000000000000000 times, "Do not touch the displays!"  So here is the evidence...caught red handed, with his trusty sidekick...Larkin!

This was the sweetest little black baby goat. She would literally whine when the kids walked away from her.  They are all such big animal lovers they didn't want to leave her all alone.  I was finally able to pry them away when they realized she belonged to a little girl they all knew.

It is amazing to see how big Hunter is on these rides.  When I look back at posts of the fair 2 years ago, he was such a baby.  I don't know if next year the rides will be as fun for him and there is no way he is riding those big, rickety ole scary rides!

Our sweet Turner girls!

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