Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little bits of here and there

Hunter showing Lucas how to write an H.

Bedtime with daddy.

Bathtime with the boys. It was so much easier to bathe the boys when Lucas was steady enough to sit in the tub. They both love this time together and I love that I only have to do the bath thing once!

David HATES when they suck on thier bath cloths. I have decided to just let this one go, it is a NEVER ENDING struggle and not worth the effort. Oh well, don't we all chose our battles?

Hunter still takes an afternoon nap. When he wakes up he needs a little time to himself. Around the Simmons household we know to leave him alone for about 15 minutes and then he will be good to go. One day we found him hanging out in the diaper box.

Come here Abby!!

Lucas is not walking yet in any of these pics, but he pulls up on everything. The easel is one of his favorites and he loves trying to do all the things he sees his big brother doing.

Which one do I choose?

"The little blue ones are my favorite!"

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