Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Big ONE!!!

Opening presents with Granddaddy. Still his favorite spot to sit.

Eating his cupcake. Not one little crumb was left.

Playing pick up ducks with our party friends. It was a barnyard bash that had to take place in our basement due to tornadic weather that we were having. I am so thankful that we didn't lose power!

His sheep cupcake.

The cake and cupcakes my mom and I made for the party. It was so much fun making this. I am now inspired to make birthday cakes more often. It isn't hard to make the cake only to find the time to do it with little ones running around.

The barn for the party. Inside was a mother hen and a nest of eggs. The kids had to find the eggs and when they opened them up there was a little yellow peep inside. Yes, Hunter and I made the barn out of an old cardboard box. It was a fun rainy day project that worked perfectly for the theme of the party. We got a few good weeks of play out of the barn before it finally caved in!

I just can't believe my little man is ONE!!!

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