Sunday, April 25, 2010

The blogging continues...

Okay, so I have been really, really slack updating this blog lately but things around here are staying pretty busy. I am going to give a quick briefing on the past 2 months and then I will share lots of pictures.

Where to start...

During our weird snowy winter we managed to finish part of our basement and I was put on bed rest. It was a crazy time with workers always in and out of the house and with mom and dad here to help when David was at work, just in case I was to go into early labor. We all know now that didn't happen! I really don't think we did too much during this time because the weather was so bad and I, well just couldn't do that much. Hunter and my parents were amazing during this lag period and we all did the best we could to keep his life as normal and on schedule as possible. He is a great kid and just seemed to go with the flow.

Okay, I think that sums up what we have been doing for the past couple of months. Pretty boring wouldn't you say! Now for the more entertaining news!

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