Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More baby!

Enjoy the pics! All of these were taken while we were in the hospital.

Poor little fellow has so much bruising. It is just now getting better.

Such a sweet little boy from the very beginning! He was so good in the hospital. The nurses affectionately called him their "good boy."

First visit with Granddaddy.

My sweet little California raisen. His face was so purple!

Daddy time!
Ga-ga and Hunter. I think they were talking about what babies eat. Hunter wanted him to have a ham biscuit on the very first morning they met!
Papa time!
Hunter was a great big bro from the start! He was so happy to finally have him here. He came to visit every day while we were in the hospital. His favorite part was riding the elevators up to the room and my lunch and/or dinner tray. He loved that 'we' got to eat in bed on "that little table!"

Both grandsons at once!

Happy and tired. We hadn't had any sleep since he was born at 4 am! Sleep becomes overrated once again with a newborn. Oh well, it is worth every minute.
Here we are about 5 minutes or so after delivery! Very happy and very relieved that our Lucas had arrived!

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