Tuesday, November 7, 2017

First Grade assembly and Polar Bear swim meet 2016

Polar Bear swim meet with friends is always fun.  Lucas and Blaine were able to swim in a few events this year and they did so with courage and determination.  Super proud of all the kids for putting in the practice time and having fun in the meet!

This was the first time these two would be swimming together.  They were in different heats but would be scored in the same 10 and under division.
Nice entry Hunter!

I know these are a couple of random pictures thrown in with the swim meet but Sullins academy did a  skit on the different systems in the body.  Each person had their own speaking part and I wish I had videoed Evan because he rocked out a super cute rap!

CAST team and team Simmons lining up for their warm up time in the pool.  I felt so bad for them the water temps in this pool are FREEZING!

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