Saturday, July 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to the FAMILY

These are the finished projects. Hip, hip hooray, right?  Well, I usually get the kiddos gingerbread houses to put together as a fun craft project to do over the holidays.  This year I opted out of doing that because it is really messy, I have to help EVERYBODY at the SAME TIME since I have become the master of gingerbread house making over the years.  While shopping at some craft store I saw these lovely little Christmas village type houses and thought they would be easy and fun to put together while I am busy making the thousand of things we eat over the holidays and cleaning.  Did I mention cleaning?  They were made of  foam and pre cut.  In a nutshell it was just as challenging as the gingerbread houses but at least it was a little different and we had a home made Christmas village to put in the playroom when it was all finished!
Eli did the big candy house, Hunter did the cute Santa train in the back, Linden did the pink candy store and Lucas did the Santa on the rooftop house.  Super cute and it was fun.
Oh look, someone needs help.
Working hard.

Eli was a great sport.  I think his house had over 250 pieces!  What in this world was I thinking!
Christmas meal with the F-A-M-I-L-Y!  #blessed

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