Wednesday, July 15, 2015

City mice cut tree!

This family LOVES Christmas and we have several trees up all over the house.  They are all artificial with the exception of one we cut down and choose together to go in our family room.  This year the York Simmons were with us for Thanksgiving so the day after we loaded up the crew (minus Kevin and Eli who didn't want to make the trip) and headed out to the tree farm to cut down a tree.  Noelle grew up in Atlanta and had never been to a tree farm and done the choose and cut method so off we went to give her the experience.
Linden and David standing by the "chosen one."
And there you have it folks, the priest is using a hacksaw!  TIMBER
A the little one drags it to the car.
Swinging bridge at the farm.  Only two people at a time can cross.

This picture cracks me up!  This was about 2 weeks before Christmas and all the needles were falling off the tree.  When you brushed by it hundreds of needles woutd fall and make this shhhhhh noise on the ground. I couldn't stand it!  We had pine needles EVERYWHERE! The boys and I undecorated it and then put up a beautiful artificial tree from Target that was marked down 60% due to the late season.  By the time we got this tree outside all the needles had fallen out and a bare naked tree lay on the curb for days!

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