Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Halloween 2014 and the last of the Sinking Springs Trunk or Treat!

Thank you Mary Dawson for taking this picture.  It is the only Halloween picture I have of Hunter.  We hosted the block Halloween party this year and it was CRAZY!  Picture 50 kids and 60 adults all in your house because it is pouring rain outside.  It was fun and the kids loved every minute of it but I was a nervous wreck.  It was madness.  Thankfully, the weather broke for a moment and everyone hit the streets.  No worries, despite the rain candy was everywhere.
Blaine also dressed up as Darth Vader.

Sullins Halloween party!
Creepy spiders in the house!
My last Sinking Springs truck or treat.  I have decorated and passed out candy for the preschoolers the last 6 years!  There is always a contest and I never win but at least I dress the car and pass out candy.  This year must have been my year, the camping themed trunk won me third place!
Lucas dressed up as a skeleton.  Cutest little skeleton you have ever seen.
All the girls checking out the loot.
Not to bad?  I even had a fire in the middle.  The tent came in handy too.  It was really cold and some of the kids parked it in the tent to warm up and sort through their candy.

Hello Tinkerbell and good bye Jojo!
 Lined up to take all the candy.

 Found a few more of Hunter so I had to go back and add them!  Thanks daddy!

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