Thursday, November 15, 2012

Return trip to Tweetsie!

This trip was much more successful than the first.  It was a beautiful day and Jenny and I took the boys and Chloe for a before school starts up fun day.  We rode the train, we rode as many rides as many times as we could and we made lots of new friends at the petting zoo.

If you look closely you can see Hunter's hand waving too!  He and Chloe rode with Aunt Jenny.

I even took little Lucas on this ride.  It was so much fun and he liked it at first...but when it really got to spinning he seemed a little nervous.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous with him on this ride.  I was afraid he might slip out of the seat and go flying over the fence.
Brave little man!

The little goats roam around like they own place. Poor Chloe was bitten by the little black one by the fence.  They get aggressive over the food.
Llama, llama took a picture for mama!

Lucas found a buddy.

I felt better with these rides.  They were much more age appropriate.  It was funny to see this year Chloe and Hunter were too big to ride them.
He wanted to ride in the black airplane only and walked over to it and climbed in by himself.

The cutest, sweetest jailbirds you will ever see!

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