Monday, February 21, 2011


Living in the mountains means that we are bound to have some snow days. Since moving here the folks keep reminding me that we are having unusual winters. Well, this was our third winter here and we have had snow, snow and more snow each year. I have grown accustomed to the colder weather and so have the kids. Hunter no longer grumbles when he has to put on his puffy coat, snow bibs, hat, gloves, and boots. It is just what you do when you want to go outside. Thankfully, he and Lucas both love sledding so we got to do plenty of that this season. These pictures were Lucas's first experiences outside in the snow. I had ordered him a snowsuit (it hadn't come at this point) that we used throughout the winter. I learned last year with Hunter that if you put them in something warm and comfortable then they will tolerate staying out a bit longer. They still don't last that long, but when the winters are long it does everyone good to get outside and have some fresh air once in awhile!

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