Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun at home

My handsome husband posing for the camera (and for Papa's Christmas present..hehehe!)
Painting is always a big hit at our house. For the first time Hunter was really trying to paint inside the lines. He is one of order. Most kids would just mix all the paints together, not Hunter. He is a great dipper and wiper before moving on to another color. I have a feeling that Lucas may be a great color mixer! This will drive Hunter crazy!
Lucas loves Hunter and always wants to be a part of what he is doing. It is amazing to watch how fast he is growing and how quickly he is learning new things. Must be the result of having a constant companion and a great older brother.
Lucas has outgrown his carseat so this was the box from his new one. This provided our household with 2 days of fun. It was a car, a pirate ship, a cave and a bus at some point or another.

Which one looks like trouble?

I am guessing he was a handy man prince in this picture. Who knows! Hunter has the best imagination and frequently changes into many forms of play.

We were fininshing up decorations downstairs before bedtime. Lucas loves Christmas and all of the decorations. He did a great job staying out of the tree. David and I were a little worried he might try and eat all the ornaments or pull the tree down on himself, but he was satisfied to just sit and look at it....most of the time!
Still has those adorable dimples. He fell and hit his eye and while looking back at these pictures I just can't remeber how he did it. This injury looks like something I should remember, but it doesn't ring a bell.

Baby exercises for daddy. This is about the only kind of exercise we are guarunteed on a daily basis!

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