Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is Hunter's chair which used to be David's. He pushes it, climbs on it and sits and rocks in it.
Chloe looking down at the river.

Fall is officially here! The leaves look beautiful and the mountains are glowing with every sunset. I really wish everyone could see! We have had a couple of really warm weeks, but for the past couple of days we have had frost in the mornings and highs in the 60s, perfect fall weather. While it was still warm we all went to a cookout given by the ED at JMH. Hunter had a great time and loved throwing rocks into the nearby stream. He was one of the smallest kids there but it didn't matter to him, he just did the best he could to keep up.
Jenny and Chloe came for a visit this weekend and boy was that a busy time. We went to the farmer's market on Saturday where they got to eat apples and watch pumpkin painting. It was really cold that day so we didn't venture too far from the house but we did manage a short walk on the Creeper Trail. The trail was busy with other walkers, horses and lots of bikers. Chloe and Hunter had the most fun waving at all the people. We were sad to see Jenny and Chloe go, but can't wait to see them again and have more fun when they get back. Chloe is still a little hard for Hunter to keep up with, but he sure does give it a good try! It was easier with his big boy shoes. Hunter got his first pair of sneakers this past week and he loves them. He knows he has to wear his shoes outside and he always brings me his new sneakers. He is all over the place--in the woods, walking in the gravel, kicking leaf piles or just wandering around in the yard so we had to say good-by to the soft soled 'I'm just beginning to walk shoes' to the 'I'm outta here shoes!' I have fun chasing him around and it is so cute watching him run. I am sure one day he will finally out run me.
Today we had a big trunk or treat party at White's Mill with his preschool. It was great and all the kids were fantastic in their costumes. Everyone decorated the trunk of their car and the kids went trick o treating from car to car and then we had a big picnic afterwards. Hunter is a dragon this year and he was the cutest little thing wandering around. He, of course, LOVES THE CANDY, but he really enjoyed looking at all the cows in the field across the street.
We have also spent some days on the river. You will be able to see from the pictures how low the water line is this year. It is still really pretty, but it looks so strange to see boat docks sitting in grass. Hunter likes to go to the water, and you guessed it---throw rocks in the water! In other news Hunter has learned to dance, LOVES TO READ, loves his rocking chair, and is working on eating with a spoon.

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