Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun Times

They are looking for deer in the woods!Hunter loves this bridge and looking over at the rivers down below.
All he wants to do is walk back and forth across this bridge!

This is the only way Ibis will let Hunter get close to him!

This cool outfit given to Hunter by my good friend Amanda, finally fits. It was a new baby gift and we didn't think he would ever grow into it!

I just don't know where to begin. We have done so many fun things in the last couple of months, so an abbreviated version will just have to work. Thank goodness I write it all down. I can barely remember what I did this morning, much less 3 weeks ago! On our first trip to PM we spent four whirlwind days. We were finally able to pick up our dining room furniture that was being refinished and it has turned our even more beautiful than I envisioned! It looks amazing in our dining room, which has become my favorite room in the house. Hunter also got his picture made. It was exhausting. It was pouring rain and Hunter was in a terrible mood. Thankfully, the pictures came out better than expected--but I am his mother and I think every one is perfect. Hunter spent lots of time with the grandparents. Granddaddy surprised Hunter with a brand new 'car'. There are some of you out there that are aware of the Simmons car obsession. Well, I think Hunter is going to have the same fetish. He LOVES cars and trucks. If I am running out of entertaining ideas all I have to do is sit him in the car and he could seriously entertain himself for hours. I even broke down today and let him ride in the 'car' grocery cart at Food City. I never thought I would ever let him ride in one of those things (it is like driving a truck down the isle) but he loved it and it kept him out of my groceries! I wonder who will have more fun picking out his first car, Hunter, Granddaddy or David! The following weekend we returned to PM for a benefit dinner and to watch the Embers. Ike was going through so I don't need to go on about that event. We were all soaked.
Hunter is growing up so fast and developing such an explosive personality. There are so many things that he enjoys doing. Right now he loves anything outside. He loves walking on the Creeper Trail, especially wandering around and playing on the forks in the river bridge. He also loves eating apples, looking for deer, aggravating Abby, walking in the woods and watching the tractors clearing the lot next to our house. Having a toddler is so much fun and really exhausting!

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Noelle said...

HA HA HA!!! The Simmons Family car obsession strikes again. My dear, you are in my prayers.