Tuesday, April 21, 2015

More fun in Mont Tremblant

 Chloe striking a pose at the finish line.  The boys do the best they can but after a long day of travel and multiple pictures they were just worn out for the camera.
 Gaga doing her best to get Lucas in the shot.  Good try, mom!
 Another pose in front of the finish line.
 This beautiful creek/waterfall ran underneath the gondola.  They had pictures of it completely frozen over in the winter months.
 Me and my love on our way up the gondola from check in.

 A nervous and excited smile, the somewhat calm before the storm. 

 Gaga and Papa hanging out in the room.  It was a fabulous place for two families to stay.  Very comfortable for everyone.  Mont Tremblant offers many summer outdoor activities but is known for skiing.  These condos were individually owned and rented out for skiing in the winter.
 Another shot of the finish line and the red carpet we would get to run across at the end.  As you can tell from the multiple pictures of the finish this was a dream come true for me.  I have worked so hard to be here and to cross that finish line!  I usually don't talk much about the finish and I would never photo or run across it prior to the race (bad luck, ya know) but now that I am blogging about it month later it all seems Okay, right? 
 View of the inside of our condo.  This was the dining room table where we had a few of our meals.  The store run mom and I took helped save some money.  Everything in Canada is super expensive.  For example, the sales tax in the village was close to 26%!!!  Oh my!!

 The stage where the professional athletes were introduced and present for an open discussion and question and answer session.  Also the concert site later that night.
 This TV was active for the duration of the event.  It profiled certain athletes in the race and all the professionals.  There were clips on the Big Race in Kona and it was really interesting to watch.  On Sunday after the race it played bits and pieces of participants throughout the race and crossing the finish line.  I can't say it enough, this was an amazing experience and Iron man did a wonderful job hosting and making us all feel like this race was the opportunity of a lifetime!
 So....one of the sponsors was Subaru.  Bitter sweet for David who sadly parted with his STI earlier in the year.  Enough on that.  If you know David and his love of cars, this would be a good time to bow your head and take a moment of silence.
Proud of my mom, whom is scared of heights, for riding the gondola over and over again.

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