Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Help in the kitchen

My guys help me do lots of things around the house.  Cooking together we all enjoy.  Hunter decided that we should all don cooking attire.  Thanks to Nana for the chef hat

Hunter is hard at work cutting up the vegetables for dinner.
Chef Hunter posing for a picture.
The boys decided that I needed to wear an apron too.  Hunter was digging around somewhere and found this one and snapped the picture! Now, back to dinner!  I will always love my adorably handsome cooking staff.
Head Chef was Master Lucas.  Hunter and Lucas have quite the imagination and they turned cooking with me into a game where Lucas was the chef and he gave orders to Hunter.   Hunter did everything Lucas asked him to do.  They took orders from "customers" and then came up with dishes to cook for them!  Great afternoon of pretend play.  LOVE.

Master Lucas telling Hunter which utensil he needs to prepare the next meal.

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