Tuesday, November 11, 2014

End of summer Lake TRIP!

Hello Leigh Ann and Rob!  Fun day out on the lake before the kids had to go back to school.  The Hitches' bought our pontoon boast last summer and we all enjoyed taking it back out on the lake again.  The lake is so beautiful and it is a nice alternative when all parks and pools have been exhausted.  The water was comfortable but you can tell we live in the mountains because the last days of summer are much cooler!
Kiddos didn't mind the cooler mountain air.  They loved the boat ride! Yippppeeeeee!
Faster, faster they always scream!
Here go the little ones.  Lucas did not want to ride at first, but someone must have talked him into it.  Of course, he loved every minute of it!

Wonderful day spent with some wonderful friends.  These are some of the best memories.  I hope the boys will look back at these pictures and remember how much fun we all had.

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