Friday, August 21, 2009

2nd Birthday!!

Fun on the tractor with daddy!
Papa lets me drive!
Loves riding in the back of the truck through the field to Granny's, Sue-Sue's, or to get the tractor.
Chloe taking a turn on the hot wheel.
Tiger teeing it up.
His feet almost reach the peddles, but don't worry he gets it to go by just using one foot to peddle. he really can ride just about any toy there is out there regardless of his size!
Loves the poloaris rides.
Favorite part...icing.
A truck of course!

With all the excitement of the beach trip I almost overlooked Hunter's 2nd birthday party! He had a big afternoon with family and of course he loved his cake and ice cream. I just can't believe he is 2 years old. Like I have mentioned several times before he is just a really shy kid. He takes awhile to warm up to any situation and his birthday party was no exception. By the end of the afternoon he was running around like crazy with Chloe.

He is talking more and more everyday. We are also working on our colors and shapes. He can't really say the shape, but he can pick them all out when asked. Colors have been a little more tricky. Right now everything is orange and sometimes blue. He can correctly identify orange, but then he says everything else is orange as well. We were very happy when he actually said blue, and I think he may have said green at some time or another. He has also picked up some pretty funny and annoying phrases. For example, when Abby barks, he runs up to her pointing his finger and yells, "Hush!" (funny) Or if he doesn't want something or somebody he whines, "I don't want to," or he says, "don't." (Annoying!) I really love listening to him talk.

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