Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wow, I apologize it has been such a long time since I posted anything! As you can imagine this household has been full steam ahead as we plunge into the holiday season. I will give you guys an abbreviated version of the last couple of weeks instead of boring you with all the minor details of our adventures! I think most of you out there would rather see lots of pictures than read paragraphs of my text! So here it goes: We had Thanksgiving with the Hunter family the weekend before Thanksgiving and Hunter had a blast. It had been way too long since our last visit to PM. We returned to Abingdon to prepare for Thanksgiving with the Simmons/York-Simmons crew. It was fantastic. Hunter and Eli had so much fun. I really do wish we all lived a little closer together! Somewhere in there it snowed a bunch of days. I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy the pictures! Ok so I have NO idea why this is blue and underlined, so just please ignore it because it is going to take too much time and effort to figure it out! Just enjoy the pics!

Hunter, David and I on a trip to the very small Bristol mall. This was like Disneyland to Hunter. He LOVED it!! We rode up and down the escalators, waved to every stranger in the place, and sat on every ride we could find. This was his favorite. The steering wheel really turned and of course their was a dog!

Hunter helping Daddy give the dogs a bath. He thought this was hilarious and was ready to help clean when the task was done. We have such a thoughtful little boy!
More fantastic rides at the mall.
Helping Daddy move furniture to get ready for the Christmas tree!
Eli have the best time painting his face. He managed to paint both sides!
The Martha decorated for Christmas. We all had lunch in the diner. It is the best little secret!
Eli and Hunter on the Creeper Trail.
How much do I owe you? This is nothing but trouble!
Eli really loved the four wheeler. I think this city boy would really love the country!
Just a really cute picture!
Chloe and Hunter played for about an hour jumping in an enormous pile of leaves at GaGa and PaPa's house.
She is just too cute.
So when I am not paying him enough attention he goes off and tries to feed the dogs by himself. The dogs love not so much.

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