Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sorry, turn your screen around. Aren't we all thankful for those little outlet covers?Thanks for the cool b'day toys! Hunter loves them.
Eli is the next Lance. "Eli go fast".
Eli and Hunter riding in the Trek Go-Bug. I don't know who enjoyed this more, the boys or David.
Our first big boo-boo. Hunter fell over a ball and face planted onto the hardwood floors. He took it like a pro (only a few big tears)!
I actually got a picture of them sitting still..and at the same time. Way to go Aunt Noelle!
It has been a very busy week around the Simmons house. We had our in laws up from Atlanta so Hunter wore himself out trying to keep up with cousin Eli who will be 2 next month. The pace around here is quite different from that of the big city, but there were plenty of things to do to keep 2 little boys busy...and when little boys are busy, mommies and daddies are TIRED! Thanks to cousin Eli's help, Hunter had the extra motivation to rise up off all fours and really give the walking thing a shot. He is so funny, most of the time he walks with his arms straight up beside his head. I keep telling him it is harder that way to drop them out to his side. Whatever gets the job done I guess. We can't wait to have them back for another visit.

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