Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday party!

PRESENTS!!! We looked like the Toys 'r' Us truck back to VA!

Some may think this hat looks ridiculous. As his mother, I think it is adorable. It was quite unbelievable, Hunter actually didn't mind wearing it. He knows he's a prince so maybe he thought it appropriate and about time!

He had a lion cupcake to match his cake. It was HUGE and he loved it so much David had to take it away. He almost ate the whole thing and we thought he might get sick!

Hunter loves his Papa and Granddaddy...and cousin Chloe.

I will not discuss the difficulties in purchasing this cake. All I can say is "Thanks Wanda, you rock!"

Hunter had such a great first birthday party and enjoyed sharing the special day with many family and friends. It was a beautiful afternoon and unusually cooler for an August afternoon in Pilot Mountain. David and I decided it would be nice to celebrate a little closer to our family and friends, not to mention we really don't have enough furniture to accommodate more than say, oh, 5-6 people! Maybe next year we will have the bash in Abingdon and actually have some patio furniture for a cookout. Hunter has a great summer birthday so we could even do a pool party. He is quite the swimmer this summer, but we are taking a leave of absence for the rest of the year as prophylaxis treatment against any more nasty ear infections. Please don't mention this to Hunter or David, both would be upset. Enjoy the pictures of the party.

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clydechloe said...

hey guys!! love reading the blog..i want to see a pic of hunter walking with his hands above his head!!