Friday, June 5, 2015

Sinking Springs and Fern Valley Farm!

 First, it was FREEZING!!  The kids never mind the cold.  The animals don't seem to mind the cold but the parents were freezing.  We all had a wonderful time visiting Farmer Larry and Farmer Lynn and all their furry friends on the farm.
 Who knows the 5 rules at the farm?  If you do, or think you do, I can literally hear you saying them in your head!!!  I bet my kidsvwill know the 5 rules for this farm for their lifetime!

Butterscotch, the special 3 legged bunny. 
We are cold and we have seen all these animals like a hundred times, so lets run around until the tractor rolls three feet over here to pick us all up.

I like feeding the sheep.  I love the sheep, they are my personal favorite at the farm.  Their silly BAAAAAs and throaty noises crack me up.
Farmer Larry and Lynn have been working very hard on the farm since they first established the place.  Not only are they building their own log home overlooking the farm but they have just recently added this nice new green house and outside garden.

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