Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guess who's back in business!

I have to admit this has been my longest absence from blogging! I think about it, I upload my pictures, I have everything ready to sit down in front of the computer and then I hear, "mommy, what are you doing?" Or the kids are sweetly tucked in for the night and I have a few hours to myself before bedtime and instead of blogging I plan the week's dinner, fold and put away at least 2 loads of clothes and if I am lucky I steal away a few minutes to just veg in front of the TV. Needless to say, my to do list is forever growing and blogging seems to get pushed to the wayside. But, I enjoy it and I hope you do too. So I am going to try and make it more of a priority the next few months to at least get caught up. Now, we are approaching the holiday season so don't hold your breath!!

As I have heard from many folks, 2011 has been a very difficult year. Our family is no different, we have had our share of sadness and chaos. My dear grandmother passed in February and then we recieved the terrible news that Norman had lung cancer. We had a wonderful spring and summer sharing some special times with Norman and the York-Simmons family. Norman, passed away at The Hospice Home of Surry county on September 13. This was a very sad journey for all of our family. Our boys had a speical relationship with their Granddaddy and Hunter still asks often about his happiness in heaven and how much he misses him. It has been especially hard on David. He has lost both parents and this is so unfair at such a young age. I could not imagine not having mine. We are a strong family and a close family and can manage any situation together.

So to catch us all up and to keep from boring you guys to tears with some to the activities we do on a daily basis I will attempt to catch us up by posting on each of the boys and then hitting the highlights of the activities we have done over the past four months! This is no easy task as I am going to have to look back through at least 600 pictures and choose the best ones to post and talk about. It will be fun to remiss, but give me some time to do it!! Okay, so maybe not 4 months...I am serious, I WILL GET CAUGHT UP!!
....Maybe not much more today...I hear Lucas up from his nap and that means no more computer time for mommy!

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