Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lucas's first big boy haircut

Just like his big brother, he was born with and has kept a full head of hair. The first few times I noticed a few straggling pieces I cut them myself. I did the same thing with Hunter, but after a few times of this they need some professional help. Lucas is a bit more spirited than Hunter so I was very anxious to get this first cut out of the way. Needless to say, he enjoyed this about as much as being pinched but we all survived. I have to give Cheryl, our fabulous hairdresser, major props for this haircut. This was not an easy task! In the end he got his big boy haircut and even a sucker. We can always hope that the next time will be a little easier...for everyone.

Thank goodness we are all done here!

Starting out was not so bad. There is this cute little chair but he wouldn't have any part of that, nor did he want me to sit and hold him. He preferred to be held standing up. I guess he thouht I could run away if we had too!

Hunter taking it all in. Occasionally he would pipe up and say, "it's okay Wucas."

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