Monday, January 31, 2011

Thanksgiving and the rest of FALL!

Granny at Thanksgiving. I am sad to say this was our last Thanksgiving physically together. From now on we will share each holiday with her in our memories and in our hearts. She loved getting together and sharing with her family, especially all her great grand children! She passed away on February 9th, 2011 at the Hospice home in Mt. Airy with her family at the bedside.

All the great grand children playing, except for Lucas who is probably crawling around on the floor somewhere.

Yes, those are boxes of pizza! What an alternative way to celebrate Thanksgiving. It gets harder and harder every year to pick a date to all get together. David and Chris each have very different work schedules so we try to accomodate for everyone. Unfortunately, David had to work on Thanksgiving this year, but would be off for Christmas. Trina, a good friend of Jenny's joined us this year. We have a very loving and generous family that embraces others to share in our family traditions. I hope that I can teach my boys to be the same way. The more the merrier!

Little Lucas trying to help Gaga decorate the tree. He was in charge of the limbs. He couldn't possibly get into too much trouble with that...right? Doesn't he just look like trouble?

Beautiful Chloe was also helping set up the tree. The girl always has time to pose for a picture.

And Hunter doing the best he could to untangle the lights.

The crew getting it all set up.

Gaga was a good sport. The end result was beautiful even if it did take 4 million hours to get done!

Not sure what Hunter has in his mouth or why Aunt Jenny is carrying him around. This was during our Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family.
My other child with something in his mouth. I think this is one of Papa's flashlights.

Hunter really likes to take samples right out of the bowl.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and fall season. The kids are growing up so quickly. Lucas is crawling like a crazy person and pulling up on anything he can get a toe hold on!

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