Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hunter's Birthday

Hunter opening his birthday presents from us his birthday morning. He was so excited to have the Fireman Sam fire station and figurines. For those of you who don't know Fireman Sam, here is the skinny on it. This is Hunter's favorite SPROUT cartoon. They are a 10 minute show based around Fireman Sam helping folks out around the town of PontyPandy. This cartoon in based in the UK so let's just say the shipping for these toys was more expensive than the toys themselves. He plays and plays with these toys for hours and it has been fun watching his imagination grow and grow. David and I can't quite understand why he enjoys this program so much, we would like to think he enjoys helping other people in need. Who knows, next year he will be into something completely different!
Birthday cupcake on his birthday night with the family. No, he didn't eat the whole thing, he did manage to lick off every bit of icing. That is the best part anyway, right?

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